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Salafism: From a Religious Movement to a Political Force

https://global-strategy.org/salafism-from-a-religious-movement-to-a-political-force/ Salafism: From a Religious Movement to a Political Force 2017-06-13 09:18:00 Juan Carlos Antúnez Blog post Estudios Globales
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Globalization has introduced rapid changes in the social, political and economic realms of life. It has provoked perturbing and turbulent effects and has challenged established and rooted notions of identity. 

Globalization has also changed the essence of religion and its role in international affairs.  Religion is growing in countries with a wide variety of religious traditions and levels of economic development. Islam is also experiencing a genuine revival. Salafism is a primarily theological movement in Sunni Islam concerned with purifying the faith. Islamic Salafism, as other major religious movements of today, has become universal and less affiliated with any one territory, and more personal and private, increasingly embodying a spiritual search for self-fulfilment. Salafism has also evolved from being a non-political ideology to develop into a political force.

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Referencia completa: Juan Carlos Antunez Moreno, “Salafism: From a Religious Movement to a Political Force”, Revista de Estudios en Seguridad Internacional, Vol. 3, No. 1 (2017), pp. 11-41.

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